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Shimmering Christmas Holiday Junk Journal

My inspiration

The idea for this shimmering Christmas holiday junk journal started when my sister in law and I were out shopping. She mentioned how much she loved the Christmas trees that were not decorated in traditional red, green and gold. Her favorite was decorated in blue, pink, and silver.

The wheels started churning in my head…. a Christmas journal in these colors for her as a present! I took a picture of the tree she pointed out and the idea was all set.

Page construction

Since I save all my previous years Christmas cards, I had quite a few to choose from. I pulled out any that had these colors in them. I also saved the church programs from the services we all went to as a family. Below is a page I cut out of the program and made a tag with.

The following pictures are some of the cards I chose. The snowmen fit into the center signature pocket. The snowflake card was just the right size for the blue envelope. Precious moments looks so cute with the added fabric trim. The shimmering angel was perfect for the silver side pocket.

I have to admit, I did not have much Christmas paper with the pink and blue color scheme. So, I had to visit my local Hobby Lobby and pick up a double sided paper pad, “sugar and sparkle” by recollections. In this pack there were varying sized images, some of which I made into tags as shown below.

Other papers I had in my stash included a pink paper bag, wallpaper with a tree motif, vellum, and lined paper dyed with beets. I added a zig zag stitch border around the edges of most of the pages along with fabric snippets and ribbon trim. The McCall’s magazine was my sister in laws favorite as a young girl. I just happened to have a Christmas edition from December 1960 that I picked up at a flea market. I cut the title page off and made a tag out of it.

Cover construction

I made the cover out of a coffee filter box. This is the second journal where I have used this size box. It is a perfect 6″ x 8″ with a 2 inch spine. The interior was covered with blue and pink polka dot card stock. The outside was covered with silver and blue snowflake card stock. Mod podge paper worked well for this. I find paper adheres well with this medium. Using my brayer to get out any bubbles, I then placed the cover under a heavy book overnight so it would dry flat. The two signatures were attached using a 3 hold pamphlet stitch. Each signature had approximately 10 pages folded in half.

Final embellishment

To finish off the cover, I chose a cream, blue and pink vintage flower pattern to cover the spine. Although it was not necessarily Christmas, I thought the colors went well with my theme. I have a tendency to over embellish everything, but in this case, I wanted to keep the decorations more streamlined. Some silver ric rac on the top and bottom, a silver and white snowflake with navy blue tulle, a pink ribbon tie closure with a strip of blue tulle and fabric I used for the spine. The final embellishment was a broken bracelet that snapped together with some silver yarn attached.

Happy holidays to all and glitter on,

I am a self proclaimed junk journal fanatic and creative crafter. If it is vintage, I am in! I recently retired from the corporate world and now have more time to devote to my love of creating one of a kind treasures. Besides junk journals my hobbies include thrifting, flea market outings, fashion, cooking, hanging with my girlfriends and daughter and golf with my husband. I currently live in the mountains of beautiful Colorado.