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Vintage 1940’s evening dress – re purposed

I have to admit, I have a hard time passing up a Goodwill sale. In my area, they happen every other Saturday. It seems that every time I make it to one of these sales, I find something (or a lot of somethings) to be thrilled about.

I did have a focus for this goodwill excursion: to find laces and trim for a journal I am making.

You really can get a lot for the money looking at clothing to use in your projects rather than going to the craft store. Agreeably, it may be difficult if you are looking for something specific I agree, that is why I will go often and purchase items I like. Buy it now! More than likely, a project will come up later. Or better yet, the fabric may inspire a new project! The prices are just too good to pass up.

This past weekend I found this gorgeous 1940’s vintage dress for $2.00. At first I felt a little bad cutting it up. I kept looking at all the detail and time that was put into making this. But then again, it was at Goodwill and now it has been given a new life! It will be put into many journals to come. Maybe I will even add some bits to a few decorative pillows I have in my home.

look at all the intricate lace details!

full length and fabulous vintage styling!
sleeve cuff- I can’t get over the detailing!

I often wonder, who owned this dress? What events did they wear it to? After looking at the tag it appears this gown was made in the orient. How cool is that? Across the seas and now in my craft room. I bet this dress has seen a thing or two.

I hope this inspires you to look at items from a different perspective, say to yourself, what can I use this for? Use these ideas to create new projects!

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